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Consulting and Advisory with four themes
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Shareholder Value Advisory

Shareholder value analysis to gain strategic insights for competitive advantage

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Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility

Sustainability strategy that aligns with and drives shareholder value.

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Strategic Decision Making for Sustainability

Helping to integrate sustainability outcomes into strategic decision making

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Technology for Citizen Science

Innovative technology to support behaviour change interventions.

Effective consulting is a partnership

Some views on how to make the relationship work

A good consultant needs a good client and vice versa: good outcomes require effective partnering between client and consultant.

Be clear on the technical, process or subject matter expertise that that you are expecting from the consultant.

A critical part of the consulting process is to ask questions of the client: this is driven by the need to be clear on the problem before addressing solutions.

Recommendations should be substantiated by data and evidence, from appropriate sources which the client recognises and values.

  • What is the nature of the relationship with your consultant?

  • What knowledge and skills are you expecting the consultant to bring?

  • Is your consultant there to help you clarify the problem or are you looking for solutions?

  • What evidence and support are you looking for your consultant to provide to justify the advice given?