This article is a brief summary of some insights gained at the appliance level of energy monitoring. The appliance in question is a Bosch Fridge-Freezer in the kitchen of my home. Electricity consumption of a […]

The chart below shows the historical output of the 2.52kWp solar PV array on our roof. Data is captured and presented using open source technology from OpenEnergyMonitor. Interact with the chart by zooming in and […]

Today I had a Green Deal assessment done on my property. I’ve had an EPC done before and it is a very similar process. You need a Green Deal assessment if you want to access […]

Recently I had my Green Deal assessment done. As part of this process I had to dig out various bits of data for the Assessor – energy bills and performance factors for solar kit among […]

Here’s the latest chart showing our solar PV output: We’ve got 12 x 210W panels for a 2.52kWp array installed in May 2010. You can see the obvious seasonal peaks and troughs over the years […]

Here’s the latest chart for our electricity usage: We continue to see a downward trend in electricity usage. At 14.7 Units / day this is the lowest February reading we’ve ever taken – with data […]

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